Mission, Vision & Values

My mission is to empower you in the exercise of your rights and to resolve the tax issues that burden you, so that you can focus your energy on the things that matter to you in your life.

I will:


My vision is to build a trusting relationship with my clients who know I have their best interests at heart and feel confident throughout the process of resolving their dispute.



I believe that individuals have inherent value and are deserving of respect. I will listen to your ideas, address your concerns, and be forthright with you throughout the process.



I believe that all businesses are family businesses. People build businesses to provide for their family and to build a legacy. If the business encounters problems, such as tax issues, the family suffers, be it financially or from stress. I want to contribute to businesses running smoothly, so that family life can remain harmonious and intact.



I believe that honesty is the foundation of building trusting relationships. I tell clients the truth about the merits of their case, potential outcomes, and collateral impacts. In turn, I would like my clients to be honest with me, so that I have all the information required to deliver quality legal services.


Open mindedness

I believe in having an open mind when I receive information. This helps me understand where you're coming from and helps you to feel comfortable sharing your story with me. That way, I can better represent your interests.



I believe in doing what is morally right. This means consistently behaving in ways that are in line with my clients' interests. To me, having integrity means doing what is right when no one is looking, from the way I bill you to how I keep your information confidential.



I believe in delivering top quality legal services. This includes having a strong legal mind, being skilled at analyzing the facts of the case, and knowing how to advocate for you. However, to me, excellent legal services also means being able to understand you and delivering the type of client-centered service that reassures you throughout the process.



When I take on a case, I care about it. I will dedicate my energy to resolving your dispute and to being available and responsive to your needs.